eParcels: Express delivery service to fulfill every eCommerce order

What is eParcels?

eParcels is a service dedicated to provide all-round logistics solutions in delivering individual parcels from businesses to their customers.

We offer competitive courier rates to get the right balance between speed and cost of your shipping portfolio.

The delivery service is an enhanced solution on international scope with worldwide carrier network and track & trace at every stage with fully integrated digital platform.

You can trust our professional parcel management team in building a reliable, transparent and cost-effective solution to meet your distribution requirements.

eParcels services for your eCommerce

You can trust our professional customer service; we tend to every case with a key account personal support team.


With Noatum eSolutions you can choose the best carrier to improve your domestic parcel delivery.


International shipping solutions for eCommerce companies looking to grow their global business.


We guarantee a fast return process to protect your business margins and keep your customers happy

Our Shipping Platform for Parcel services

The success of an eCommerce business relies on maintaining control and visibility as shipments move along, making sure the products are delivered promptly and faultlessly from shelves to the hands of customers. The right eParcels software is the key to success.

Benefit from our cloud-based shipping platform to manage any courier shipping at ease. Our platform offers end-to-end service from origin to destination, including parcel handling, customs clearance, air freight, last-mile delivery and carrier, cost and transit time options within one centralized platform.

  • Live reporting.
  • Multi-carrier offering.
  • Automate shipping and despatch.
  • Bespoke API.
  • Rule engine with unlimited capabilities and flexibilities.
  • Global courier rate search engine.
  • Support multi-locational, international and domestic shipping.
  • Multi carrier options to fit all kinds of distribution requirements.
  • Real-time data enables 24/7 tracking updates with full consignment transparency.
  • Support return management.
  • Platform integrations to include: Amazon, eBay, Marketplace Shipping, MintSoft, Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce and more.

Delivery Partners

Why Noatum eSolutions?
Your trusted eCommerce logistics partner


  • Standards and best practices strictly enforced
  • System infrastructures in place ensure high accuracy & effectiveness


  • Support in different levels – strategic, tactical and operational
  • Global warehouse network


  • Customizable solutions for different business sizes, from SMEs to MNCs
  • Innovative value-added services to accommodate fast-changing  ecommerce environment


  • Automation involves in fulfillment operation, from automatic data capture to warehouse systems, storage and retrieval, and more.
  • Optimize warehouse operation with latest technology, smart robotics and advanced AI.