What is Return shipment management?

Return shipments happens when a customer wants to send back their purchase. We guarantee a fast return process to protect your business margins and keep your customers happy.

We have an enhanced range of return options and services, both domestically and worldwide. A returns management portal with your own brand, putting you in control of your reverse logistic process. With a few steps, you can associate your chosen carrier’s rates from our extensive list of options and set up your return portal.

  • Flexible shipment preferences
  • Multiple carrier integrations
  • Real-time tracking
  • Refund and exchange options
  • Reduce Co2 emissions by up to 90% by choosing ParcelShop and Locker service
  • Specific return solutions for each type of product

Return options are available for a more tailored approach

We understand how important returns are to your overall supply chain and profitability, refund your customers faster, enhance the customer journey and keep them coming back. Our services can help you grow your international business and boost your global reputation with a satisfactory customer experience.

Parcel Shop Return delivery:

Benefit from the wide network of parcel shops provided by our partners. Make the return process convenient and safe for your customers.

Locker Return delivery:

automated lockers are a safe and convenient tool for pre-processing your returned orders. Customers can find lockers near their area and access them 24/7.

Home Collect for Returns:

Customers can choose a pick-up date and time from the available courier companies and have the returned order picked up at the address of their choice.

eParcels services for your eCommerce

You can trust our professional customer service; we tend to every case with a key account personal support team.


With Noatum eSolutions you can choose the best carrier to improve your domestic parcel delivery.


International shipping solutions for eCommerce companies looking to grow their global business.


We guarantee a fast return process to protect your business margins and keep your customers happy

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