eFulfillment: End-To-End fulfillment solution for eCommerce business

What is eFulfillment?

Fulfillment logistics are the whole process to fulfill an online customer order. Starting with the transportation of bulk cargo and the storage of goods in an ecommerce warehouse and following with packing and delivering online orders on time.

Our eFulfillment service can help upscale your business.

Our service is designed to seamlessly blend fulfilment operations, technology and system with eCommerce customers’ evolving needs, wants and expectations. Let us support your eCommerce business by fulfilling orders from your eShop, so as to increase customer satisfaction rate together.

eFulfillment process

Client provides documents & API:

• Packing List

• C/l

• Pallet #

• Carton #

• SKU #

• Serial #

Unloading and scan in cargos:

• By Pallet

• By Carton

• By Piece

Inventory Management:

• Move cargos to assigned location

Receive outbound orders via:



• Excel

Pick cargos from assigned location:

• By Pallet

• By Carton

• By Piece

• Scan Serial #

Scan out for record Delivery by B2B or B2C

eFulfillment operations available at our warehouses

As a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, we are ready to handle all your online store’s order fulfillment. We can help you throughout all the stages of this part of the supply chain logistics, from shipment to warehousing, track & trace and delivery, etc.

eFullfiment services

eFulfillment is the complete process from when an order is placed all the way to the customer receiving the delivery. A successful process includes receiving goods, inventory storage, picking, packing and shipping the order to the customer.


Freight Management

Your cargo gets to the right place at the right time

Shipment Inbound

Your bulk cargo in good hands

B2B and B2C Storage

Reliable warehouse solutions

Order Fulfillment

ePlatform integration

Last-Mile Delivery

Products get to customers safely and rapidly

Value-Added services

Solutions to your every need

Warehouse management system

An extremely powerful tool

Countries We Cover

Our eCommerce fulfillment centers are located across Asia, Europe, and the US, offering superior inventory management and order fulfillment services for a variety of industries.

Why Noatum eSolutions?
Your trusted eCommerce logistics partner


  • Standards and best practices strictly enforced
  • System infrastructures in place ensure high accuracy & effectiveness


  •  Support in different levels – strategic, tactical, operational
  • Global warehouse network


  • Customizable solutions for different business sizes, from SMEs to MNCs
  •  Innovative value-added services to  accommodate  fast-changing  eCommerce environment


  • Automation involves in fulfillment operation, from automatic data capture to warehouse systems, storage and retrieval, and more.
  • Optimize warehouse operation with latest technology, smart robotics and advanced AI.