Warehouse management system for eCommerce

An extremely powerful tool to optimize your eCommerce fulfillment processes.

Online businesses rely on efficient warehousing to support future growth. eCommerce shopping rates are increasing each year as customers are getting more comfortable with buying everything online. Be prepared to new challenges with a proper warehouse technology.

A proper control of your stocks and warehouse space, an efficient track of all the shipments, a proficient management of reverse logistics and so on. All of these are possible with the right warehouse management system: Noatum eSolutions’s PowerVIEWe.

With our PowerVIEWe system, you can enjoy:

System Automation: ensures an error-free inbound process – from retrieving pre-alert information on packing lists provided by the suppliers, to unload the cargos by scanning and generating accurate reports simultaneously.

Real Time Inventory Management: our warehouse system can be integrated with multiple sales channels, e.g. online store platforms like Shopify and marketplaces such as eBay, to retrieve and feedback data.

Trace And Track Visibility: shipment tracking numbers and statuses can be interfaced back to the eCommerce platforms at once, so businesses and their respective clients will be informed of any logistics updates concurrently.

What you can do with PowerVIEWe

Inventory management, reporting & analysis

Customer dashboard, inbound & outbound order overview and details, fulfillment status, email/SMS notifications on process status & exceptions, view inventory level in different warehouses by storage type, location and category.

Integration with eCommerce Platforms

Real time orders and inventory update.

Integration with Carriers & eParcels

Automated label printing, booking, tracking and shipment notification.

Does your company have to outsource the whole Supply Chain & Logistics Operations?

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eFullfiment services

eFulfillment is the complete process from when an order is placed all the way to the customer receiving the delivery. A successful process includes receiving goods, inventory storage, picking, packing and shipping the order to the customer.


Freight Management

Your cargo gets to the right place at the right time

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Your bulk cargo in good hands

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Products get to customers safely and rapidly

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Warehouse management system

An extremely powerful tool