Shipment Inbound

Choose to work with us and benefit from our one-stop service from freight to warehouse.

Your bulk cargo in good hands

We can manage the purchase orders coming from your vendors with efficiency and swiftness.

  • High warehouse capacity allows us to receive a large volume of cargoes and multiple purchase orders simultaneously.
  • Our experienced warehouse team schedules inbound purchase orders and vendors receiving appointments ahead of time to ensure cargoes inbound promptly and seamlessly.
  • Warehouse management system allows us to record product data at inbound, e.g. expiry date, production lot, and serial number, to maintain operation accuracy.

Any value added service your eCommerce needs, we can provide it to you

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eFullfiment services

eFulfillment is the complete process from when an order is placed all the way to the customer receiving the delivery. A successful process includes receiving goods, inventory storage, picking, packing and shipping the order to the customer.


Freight Management

Your cargo gets to the right place at the right time

Shipment Inbound

Your bulk cargo in good hands

B2B and B2C Storage

Reliable warehouse solutions

Order Fulfillment

ePlatform integration

Last-Mile Delivery

Products get to customers safely and rapidly

Value-Added services

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Warehouse management system

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