Order Fulfillment

Our services include warehouse management system & ePlatform integration

A smooth process: from online order receiving to delivery around the world

Order fulfillment is vital in eCommerce. Having a reliable partner is a booster for your business.

Begins with a sales order on your website and ends in the hands of your satisfied customer: a whole process includes receiving inventory, storage, order picking, packing, shipping, deliveries and returns. When orders are fulfilled efficiently, the costs are significantly reduced.

  • Flexible fulfillment plan ‘pay as you go’
  • Pick & pack at industry-leading accuracy utilizing latest technology
  • Automated fulfillment process for speedy turnover and total visibility
  • Customized value-added service to quickly adapt customers’ needs and market trends
  • Full support by our logistics management experts and professional customer service team

Order Receiving

Our Warehouse management system integrates with your ePlatform to automatically retrieve orders in real time. With a total visibility of your inventory and order status, overselling is not an option.

Pick and Pack

By adopting the latest technology and automation procedures, it removes a lot of unnecessary stress on finding the right products. Barcode scanners are one of the great ways to reduce picking and packing errors. With high pick & pack accuracy, it reduces the lead time and money spent on return management.

Our pick and pack services are the best fit for fast-moving consumer brands.

We also provide special packaging service

  • Custom packaging and labelling
  • Label sewing and price tagging
  • Assembling, bundling and kitting
  • Gift Wrapping and Repackaging
  • Branded tape and marketing inserts

Are you new to start up an eCommerce?

Order fulfillment has no secrets for us, we can manage all process in a short period of time

eFullfiment services

eFulfillment is the complete process from when an order is placed all the way to the customer receiving the delivery. A successful process includes receiving goods, inventory storage, picking, packing and shipping the order to the customer.


Freight Management

Your cargo gets to the right place at the right time

Shipment Inbound

Your bulk cargo in good hands

B2B and B2C Storage

Reliable warehouse solutions

Order Fulfillment

ePlatform integration

Last-Mile Delivery

Products get to customers safely and rapidly

Value-Added services

Solutions to your every need

Warehouse management system

An extremely powerful tool