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Reaching any destination on time. Noatum eSolutions is your logistics consultant helping you to cope with every situation.

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Orders fulfilled within 3 days after the arrival of bulk consignment


Deliveries completed within 5-20 days despite shipping in the peak season


Savings in logistics costs with mixed carriers


A Kickstarter programme based in Hong Kong with the focus on designing and manufacturing professional camera filters for their backers from over 60 countries around the world.

The challenge

Our client received over 4000 orders from over 60 countries around the world. Some of the orders had to be delivered to less-known markets like Northern Mariana Islands, Oman and Malta.

At the same time, the production was delayed while shipment had to arrive as promised.

They were required to fulfill and manage all the orders received in a short period of time.

The solution

After reviewing the order details, Noatum eSolutions has chosen to offer consolidated services from multiple carriers to offer a price- and time- compelling solution that fulfills worldwide orders within the timeframe.

On top of the usual courier tracking, Noatum eSolutions dedicated a Customer Service team to answer all the logistics enquiries for our client.

The result

In only 3 days after bulk consignment arrival, all orders were picked and packed by piece, and shipped out to their destinations.

All orders were successfully delivered to their backers between 5-20 days despite the peak season.

Our client was satisfied as cost, effort and resources were saved.

A great partnership for your eCommerce Business