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Saved 20% in set up and training costs compared to previous set up

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Savings in set up and training costs


Leveraging our expertise and specialization


Our client provides a subscription-based fashion rental service in Singapore, where end customers can rent designer brand products from their eCommerce channel at a monthly fee.

Recently entering major Asian cities to expand their business model, they needed to set-up a warehouse in Hong Kong in order to launch before the holiday season while time given was limited.

The challenge

Setting up the warehouse and fulfillment operation with limited time. The fulfillment process required skillful technicians to perform garment inspection on inventory constantly, professional seamstress to alter garments onsite and other garment centric VAS such as steaming, ironing and dry cleaning to keep garment at optimal condition before and after rental.

The solution

We set up a dedicated Value-Added Service area in the warehouse for this operation. Assigned existing warehouse assistants to have professional garment related training to cope with the daily activities and VAS requirement.

We also formulated settings for a remote control program for client’s Singapore technicians train and oversee the daily operations

In general, our client is able to leverage our expertise and specialization.

The result

20% set up and training costs saved, as compared to previously hiring their own technicians to run the fulfillment.  As a result, time was saved as well allowing earlier launch of the client’s eCommerce channel with a very high customer satisfaction rate.

Our team collaborated via remote control between Hong Kong and Singapore successfully and was able to provide full visibility of milestones by using the cloud-based system.

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