Behind Best Rate & Price Match: eParcels 101

After we shared a glimpse of our international courier rates on social, we received a lot of private messages to inquire about our eParcels services. Many are interested in continuing the conversation and adopting our services too.
With that being said, ever wonder why we can offer the best rates for some of the key routes and be able to match the price of our main competitors? Today we are going to tell you the secret behind that.

Shipping Volume

Having been in the logistics and supply chain industry for over 50 years, we have acquired a vast number of stable clients, big and small, with large shipping volume every day. As one of the top 50 freight forwarders worldwide, our clients are traditionally using our freight forwarding and international supply chain solutions.
However, time has changed, and a lot of them have started looking into direct express and hybrid courier services if they have any urgent shipments and/ or as they expand into the e-commerce industry.
Consolidating all the consignments our 90 offices have across 24 countries, we have managed to secure a consistent amount of shipments across the globe, especially in routes to and from Greater China and the United Kingdom.
This is why carriers offer us a corporate rate lower than what you would usually find elsewhere.


Also, some carriers consider our competitive yet cooperative relationship very beneficial to their businesses, hence they are very keen to partner with us in exchange for the large shipping volume we are able to guarantee.
The exclusive deals with carriers not only provide us an attractive rate to offer to our clients, they also give us a possibility to match the price in case we happen to come across any courier rates higher than what we are offered.
This works perfectly for us as a courier forwarder. This also becomes the basis of the hybrid courier service we have developed, i.e. with freight for the first leg and courier for last-mile delivery, or vice versa.