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Saved in logistics cost


We were contacted by an online platform that buy and sell fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products from over 800 MNC brands globally. Most of their suppliers are in the UK.

It had become costly for them to have their suppliers sending merchandises directly from UK to Hong Kong via courier.

The challenge

We liaised with multiple suppliers in the UK on behalf of client. We managed their suppliers’ shipments and custom clearance from the UK to Hong Kong, while keeping similar transit time with lower cost and high visibility.

The solution

Utilizing our parcel management system, notifications are blasted to suppliers when orders are received, so they can directly arrange shipments in our system.

Through our courier forwarding solution, we offered UK  domestic courier for their suppliers to send all merchandises to our UK warehouse, then consolidate and ship via airfreight to our Hong Kong warehouse regularly.

Lastly, orders are sent to end customers across Asia via courier from our Hong Kong warehouse.

The result

Our comprehensive service provided a cost-effective solution that allowed our client to save over 25% in operating and logistics expenses. With system usage, it provides visibility on supplier’s UK domestic shipment status to arrange airfreight regularly.

Thus, transit time can be maintained while delivery cost is reduced from end to end.

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