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Handling worldwide orders and saving costs for international delivery

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Saved in operating cost


Saved in logistics cost


Shorten the transit time of international orders to 3-5 days


A childrenswear company, with products manufactured in India, used to ship all their products to warehouse in the UK, then distributed to the worldwide wholesalers and retailers.

This model was reported to have a high logistics cost and long transit time.

The challenge

Managing all the international orders to save cost and time.

The solution

After analyzing our client’s customer database, we found that most of the wholesalers and retailers were in Southeast Asia. Thus, we recommended our client to add one more hub in Hong Kong. Rather having a warehouse in the UK to fulfill orders from Southeast Asia, a Hong Kong warehouse can lessen the delivery cost and transit time for orders to Australia, New Zealand, Korea, China, and the rest of Southeast Asia.

The result

Once the new logistics route and additional hub were set-up, our client was able to save 25% on operating cost and 20% on logistics cost.

Furthermore, we were able to shorten the transit time of client’s international orders to 3-5 days with the Hong Kong hub acting as a center point.

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