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Customer experience and the brand promise

Customer experience and the brand promise

Online shoppers expect a fast, seamless experience when they order something, but providing excellent customer service and enhancing your brand promise goes beyond fulfilling and shipping the order.

The online marketplace is incredibly competitive, with many sellers offering similar products and if you’d rather not differentiate on price and protect your profits, you need to give each and every customer the best possible buying experience, to create a competitive advantage with your brand promise.

With so many buying options, when consumers find a brand they like, they’re likely to stick with them, rather than repeat the research process and take a risk on a new company.

So, if you can provide the right customer experience, you can build brand loyalty that drives repeat business, with reviews and referrals that will amplify your brand and build your customer base, meaning more revenue and lower customer acquisition costs.

When it comes to delivering your brand promise, customer service is critical because ensuring that your customers are happy, minimises the chances of returns and complaints, and keeps them coming back for more.

Order fulfilment is the process of getting the purchased product from the retailer to the customer, ensuring they receive the correct, damage-free products in the promised timeframe.

These basic levels of customer service, done effectively, can help to build customer loyalty, as customers who are happy with their ordering experience are more likely to return and make future purchases.

Online shoppers expect a fast, seamless experience when they make an order, with the ability to track their package and quick hassle-free delivery, with no surprises at checkout.

You should be communicating with your customers from the moment they place the order to when it’s shipped, so they know what stage their order is at, and update them if there are any delays or other issues with their order.

The package is what people first see and feel when their order arrives and it is the very first point of contact for new customers, so make sure it looks good, protects the order and all items are included. Taking greater care at this stage will minimise the risk of customer service complaints later.

Respond to customer inquiries promptly and politely. Thank customers for their business and offer solutions if there is a problem with their order, including simple returns and replacement processes.

When we pick an order our fulfilment team typically follows a five-step quality process that includes inspection, custom packing (which for a garment might include pressing, folding, wrapping, and placing into original packaging), order inserts, label application and dispatch.

Noatum Logistics’ order fulfilment solutions are integrated with our international courier management systems, to offer online retailers access to market-leading rates and carriers.

When shoppers place items in their shopping cart, the lowest shipping cost and quickest delivery date are automatically calculated, and the best-fit courier is selected, as the checkout completes.

Shipment data is transferred to the carrier and the package label is printed, ready for dispatch, while the customer gets their delivery confirmation email, with tracking and returns links highlighted.

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