e-Logistics as a solution for sellers

According to a recent report released by the renowned management consulting company Bain & Company, as affected by the COVID-19, consumers from Southeast Asia shifted their daily consumption from purchasing in stores to online shopping – which is relatable to everyone and not only limited to a certain area.

Bain & Company is expecting consumers will continue to shop online which would reshape the whole retail industry in the area and the e-Commerce and e-Logistics will surely grow continuously. Their report is based on the consumer markets data collected from the main economies of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Online groceries market was not fully developed in the Southeast Asia as limited by logistics, yet along with the outbreak of the COVID-19, staying home, locking down and self-quarantine measures pushed the people to turn to online shopping which led to a three-time boost of the online groceries consumption. Furthermore, the report also collected data from respondents of a questionnaire, which they will continue to shop online for groceries shopping.

But online shopping platforms have to tackle with quotations all across different time zones or sources which usually take 3-5 days before the pandemic and the situation is getting more difficult during the outbreak and costs of shipping is drastically increased up to 10 times.

e-Logistics is a way out for the tricky situation. As traditional logistics industry always has to deal with quotations, time zones and also different competitors and it’s often complicated, e-Logistics may fill the gap and facilitate buyers and sellers. Alongside with the growing market, Noatum eSolutions is aiming to cover the area of Southeast Asia and can seamlessly work hand in hand with small and middle enterprises to cope with the labor reducing and stock taking problems in the near future.