Flex and scale your fulfilment at lowest cost

fulfilment at lowest cost

Agile supply chains allow businesses to be more flexible, responsive, and adaptive in meeting customer needs and demands, and with consumer trends changing all the time, being agile is imperative, especially in eCommerce.

Creating a resilient and agile supply chain moves you towards a significant competitive advantage, because having the flexibility to meet new or increased demand effectively at very short notice will win you new customers and attract your competitors’ clients.

Traditional and lean supply chains are designed to be cost-effective and efficient, but they are often complex and inflexible, which means they are wholly ineffective at adapting to meet changing customer needs.

By contrast, an agile supply chain pivots swiftly and easily to meet demand – putting your customer first, without losing focus on efficiency and costs, which means tight stock control and no idled resources or overheads.

In addition, an agile supply chain scales quickly, up or down, with the flexibility to ramp up resources when demand is high and cut back on resources when demand is lower.

From your global suppliers, through international transport, inventory receipt, storage and fulfilment, to courier and returns – agile supply chains allow you to detect and manage complications and challenges throughout the product journey.

To react to demand on the fly, you’ll need to incorporate highly accurate, real-time data that covers order fulfilment, inventory and delivery management, with full end-to-end traceability of the supply chain.

By leveraging technology and allowing your customers to purchase products without worrying about stock outs or backorders, agile supply chains ensure that customer expectations will be met, which naturally leads to more successful and profitable businesses.

Consequently, your customers will enjoy a quick delivery time thanks to your well-stocked warehouse, and up-to-date tracking thanks to your real-time data visibility. By providing constant availability of goods, combined with fantastic customer service, ultimately creates a foundation for repeat customers and remarkable brand loyalty.

Efficiency is another key advantage of an agile supply chain. In contrast to a traditional set-up, an agile supply chain allocates the right resources at the time you need them. As a result, not only does it meet customer demand, but it also optimises costs and productivity, as customers only pay for what they need, when they need it.

Furthermore, the large amounts of real-time data generated make it easier to measure KPIs and to identify and eliminate bottlenecks, thereby improving operational efficiency and implementing processes for continuous improvement.

Effective logistics planning and supply chain management are no easy tasks, but our team at Noatum eSolutions has already done the hard work in establishing scalable, resilient and agile supply chains, with award-winning technology that will support your eCommerce business.

Our experienced team has been developing and supporting agile supply chains for years, with flexible fulfilment services that ensure our customers only ever pay for the storage they use and the orders that they process and deliver.

Noatum eSolutions, part of Noatum Group which leads AD Ports Group’s Logistics Cluster, supports eCommerce businesses of every type, including those with extreme seasonal fluctuations, and those that have struggled to meet demand in a cost-effective way. To get in touch with our team please contact us at info@noatumesolutions.com