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With online competitors offering the same products, customer service is the critical differentiator, because winning over customers and earning their trust has less to do with what youre selling and more to do with the kind of experience you provide them.

Customers want online shopping experiences which are as simple and efficient as possible, with 85% expecting their customer service interactions to be faster today and 61% ready to switch to a competitor after a single bad experience, which means optimising the shopping environment and personalising the service.

According to research conducted by PwC, 73% of people consider customer experience as a crucial factor in their purchasing decisions, but only 49% say that businesses provide a good customer experience.

AI bots can help with solving simple problems for online shoppers, but they can’t provide the human touch or personalise the customer service experience and shoppers are increasingly expecting a consistent experience across every channel.

Just because you’re browsing an eCommerce store doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still have access to phone and video calling alongside website chat and email support.

It’s important to have people on hand to assist your customers when they need support. By all means make it easy to solve issues online, with self-service chatbots with comprehensive FAQs, curated reviews and product info, but also make it easy to speak to an agent.

The customer service function is not just about providing responses, and solving inquiries for pre-purchase support or post-transaction problem-solving, it’s also about sharing valuable customer insights with the broader enterprise.

Customer service fundamentals, such as empathy when dealing with serious queries and upset customers, are critical, but so too is the ability to put customers at their ease and communicate a brand they can have fun with.

Giving the customer service team the right support tools and a complete customer view are essential in increasing agent confidence in handling issues while empowering teams to take the best next action at speed.  

Really empowered customer service teams go beyond representing the business and servicing customers on its behalf, by acting as conduits for feedback from customers on issues like product, service and shipping issues.

Continuously collecting and monitoring customer feedback is invaluable and so too is employees’ because the highest employee satisfaction levels, nurtures the positivity that they pass on to customers.

Customers don’t only compare products and prices, but also service and user experience and 60% would buy more if they were treated better, so provide them with great experiences and give them the opportunity to rate you for others.

Noatum Logistics provides bespoke, telephone and email multi-lingual customer service support at our key eCommerce fulfilment centres, including:

Customer satisfaction is monitored on Feefo, which has consistently stayed above 90%, run for long periods at 96%, and peaked several times at 99%.