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Increase eCommerce sales with your delivery strategy

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For every 100 online shoppers that put orders in their shopping cart, 70 will abandon it! With 40 of them thinking the delivery cost was too high and another 11 not prepared to wait so long for delivery.

While it is clear that the vast majority of online shoppers still favour free and fast delivery, with 93% of European shoppers selecting online shops based on the delivery option (Deutsche Post 2022), shoppers understand the need for delivery fees, with 65% expecting shipping costs to increase in 2023 as a result of inflation.

Recent research by trade magazine DeliveryX has found the amount UK shoppers are willing to pay varies depending on the value of their order. Shoppers said they will pay up to £4.70 for a £15 order, £5.10 for a £50 order – up from £4.30 a year earlier – or £6.80 for a £150 order.

But 40% believe unsustainable delivery should be more expensive, and 76% say shipping should cost less if shoppers are willing to wait longer.

With shoppers deciding not to buy because shipping costs are too high, there are not enough delivery methods, or the delivery options offered do not meet their needs, an effective delivery strategy is critical, in protecting and increasing sales.

Your delivery strategy covers how you present the delivery information on your website and in your marketing, to the package that arrives on the doorstep and the returns process.

You need to offer the delivery options your customers want, with the right combination of speed, convenience and cost, which means efficient fulfilment and access to the best-fit couriers who will help you deliver.

The delivery space is one of the most compelling areas for shoppers and gives the smaller retailer the opportunity to lure customers away from their larger competitors.

Offers on delivery are one of the most powerful promotional tools available, providing the opportunity to boost sales, with minimal impact on margins.

For example, when web shops are already offering free shipping they can offer a “Free” upgrade to an enhanced delivery service as their big promotion, or create a permanent free shipping offer of some sort – i.e. free shipping if the order value exceeds £50.

Noatum Logistics’ eCommerce order fulfilment solutions are integrated into our UK, Europe and international courier management systems, which offer online retailers access to 15 of the biggest couriers and market-leading rates, with the option to add further carriers, without limit.

When shoppers place items in their shopping cart, the lowest shipping cost (if applicable) and quickest delivery date are shown, while the courier management system automatically allocates the best-fit courier and books delivery, as the checkout completes.

Shipment data is transferred to the carrier and the package label is printed, ready for despatch, while the customer gets their delivery confirmation email, with tracking and returns links.

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