Quotation FAQs: eParcels 101

You may have a lot of questions after receiving and reviewing the quotations. That is normal. Ask away, because this is what logistics partners are here for.
Here are just a few questions that our clients usually bring up. We want to share with you, so you will be more prepared when you see your quotation.

Chargeable Weight

Chargeable Weight = Volumetric Weight vs Gross Weight, whichever is greater
This is what the charges of most courier services are based on.

Some people have mistaken that this as underlying terms and conditions that carriers often use to trick clients to pay extra. In fact, this practice is instead so common among logistics operators that they fail to realise how confusing it can be for others.

We all know how actual weight can be measured. But how do you calculate the volumetric weight in courier (some call it dimensional weight)?

Volumetric Weight

Volumetric Weight in KG = (Height x Length x Width in cm) / 5000

Is this potentially negotiable? The short answer is yes. While you can never discuss this with the carrier directly nor via any comparison platform like Easyship, logistics partners like ourselves provide you such flexibility. If your packages are always within a range of size and/ or weight, we may be able to charge you a fixed price per parcel.


Another question we usually face is why we do not provide a quotation with all-inclusive rates to clients, especially for international courier services.
Surcharges in this case almost look like hidden costs, which can be extremely annoying. This however is not something logistics partners can control. We are definitely not trying to hide anything.

The reason why they could not be included in the rate card is because some surcharges like fuel and peak season surcharge change rather frequently. There may also be other additional charges from the carriers like the ones below:

Address Correction

Additional charge for unsuccessful delivery because of an incorrect address

Extended Area Surcharge

Additional charge for shipments delivered to or picked up from remote and less-accessible locations

Additional Handling Surcharge

Additional charge for irregular shape/ oversize/ overweight shipments

We would rather be honest and direct than to charge you any extra costs after we claim that we have shared all-inclusive rates with you.
Although there is no room for discussion on surcharges, you’re always welcome to ask for a more concrete estimated cost. We can always calculate it for you on a case-by-case basis. And should there be any questions/ doubt in the final incurred charges, you can always come back to us too.

In eParcels 101 series, we focus on the information you may need to know regarding courier services. With this one, we have concluded the quotation part of the operation.

We hope you have enjoyed it so far. Please feel free to get in touch should you have any question at the mean time.